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50KV,100KV AC DC Hipot tester

      One good news about AC DC Hipot tester, I'd like to share with you. 
      Pls see the photo below, it is one new fully automatic control box with dry transformer.
      Today the fully automatic control box i introduce is for 50KV AC DC hipot device. 

      For AC DC Hipot device, we have many choice for customer : 

      1: AC DC 50KV/5KVA, 50KVA/10KVA, 100KV/10KVA etc....
      2: Manual control box with oil transformer or dry transformer .
      3: Automatic control box with oil transformer or dry transformer . 

      We have another cabinet - type automatic control box for 100KV etc. 
      A: The device can automatically control the rise and fall of output voltage by industrial computer.
      B:  It can adjust the step-up speed and test time according to user's requirements.

      If you have interests in this device or other transformer testers pls let me know.
      Our website: . 

Kvtester-AC DC Hipot tester