ZC-330 HV/LV Switchgear Test Equipment

 Product Features 
    1. Integrated multi AC, DC power supply.
    2. Convenient to measure the switchgear and improve work efficiency.

 Technical Parameter 

Input Power three-phase four-wire AC 380V
Output Voltage and Current Three-phase AC 100V output (fixed value)
Three-phase AC 0~10A output (<100V, adjustable value)
AC voltage output AC 0~400V,220V,current less than 10A
DC operating voltage output DC 0~260V
Fixed DC voltage 24V,36V,110V,220V output
Single-phase AC 220V output(fixed value,socket)
Three-phase AC 380V output(fixed value,terminal)
Dimension 550mm×750mm×800mm
Weight: 45kg