ZC-313 Vacuum Switch Vacuum Degree Tester

 Alternative Name 
    vacuum degree tester, HV switch vacuum switch tester, Vacuum Interrupter Test Set

 Product Features 
    1. can make quantitative measurement for vacuum degree of all models vacuum switch arc-chutes .
    2. Need not disassemble the vacuum switch during the field test. 
    3. High precision.
    4. With LCD, easy to operate.
    5. Can save, print and review the test results. 
    6. The device with RS232 communication interface, connect with the PC can download the vacuum degree-ion current curve, can estimate the life.
    7. Light in weight, easy to carry.


 Technical Parameter 

Detection object various types of vacuum switch tube.
Detection method a new type of excitation coil is used to carry out the measurement of the vacuum tube.
Scope of application This instrument is one machine multi-purpose, can measure many kinds of models vacuum switch.
Detection range 10-5~10-1 Pa 
Measurement accuracy 10-5~10-4 Pa,10% 
10-4~10-3 Pa,10%
10-3~10-2 Pa,10%
10-2~10-1 Pa,10%
Field Voltage 1700V
Pulsed electric field high voltage 30kV
Use environment -20℃~40℃
Use environment -20℃~40℃
Outline dimension 410×320×370(mm)
Sampler magnetron coil