ZC-302 Loop Resistance Tester

 Product Introduction 
    1. Nowadays Power Systems widely use model QJ44 DC double arm bridge to measure contact resistance (DC resistance and Loop resistance of high-voltage circuit breaker) while the minimum current of such model is 1mA which hardly find the decrease of cross-sectional area of transformers' conductive circuit conductor. The measurement of loop resistance of high voltage switchgear is affected by oil layer and oxide between static and dynamic contact port, so the resistance measurement value will be several times larger, and can not reflect the true value of contact resistance. Therefore, the Ministry of Electric Power in national standards SD301-88 "AC 500KV Electrical Tester Transfer and Preventive Test Procedure" and new version of " Electrical Tester Preventive Test Procedure" stipulate that the testing current of circuit breaker and isolating switch contact resistance is not less than 100A to ensure accurate test results.
    2. Loop Resistance Tester measures up to the latest power system standards--DL/T845.4-2004 designed for measuring loop resistance of Switching Control Tester using High-frequency switching power supply technology and digital circuit technology. Test current of the Tester is 50A, 100A,150A, 200A which is recommended in the national standards. The tester can measure the loop resistance at those values and display results in digital. It is high precision and good stability and can meet most power systems' requirements in onsite high-voltage switches maintenance and high-voltage switches factory loop resistance measurement. (It performances accurately and stably)

 Product Features 
    1. High current, adopts new power techniques, can output current long time and continuously , overcome the malpractice of instantaneous current of the impulse type power, can effectively break through the oxide film of the switch contact, get accurate test results.
    2. Strong anti-interference ability, under strong interference, the last number displayed by the LCD within the range of ±1, with steady reading and good reproducibility.
    3. High precision: adopts double channels high-speed 16bits Σ-Δ AD to sample, digital signal processing technique, the maximum resolution up to 0.01μΩ.
    4. Intelligent: use high performance CPU, system can switch the measurement range according the size of the signal when testing, ensure the accuracy. The over-temperature protection circuit can auto stop output the current when the device exceeds the rated temperature to ensure the safety.
    5. High quality: key components adopts imported components, uses temperature compensating circuit in perfect design which eliminates the effect to test results by temperature, meanwhile strengthen the resistance to shock by using the military connector.
    6. Powerful : current could be 50A, 100A, 150A or 200A, measurement time 5s~599s, more powerful than other testers.
    7. Friendly man-machine interface: enter the data by rotating mouse, easy and convenient, can set the data, time by yourself, save and print the test results in     time.
    8. several communication modes: can connect and upload the data to the PC by RS232 or USB, for testing personal further analysis and processing. 
    9. Easy to use: small in volume, light in weight


 Product Parameters 

Measuring range 0~2999.9μΩ
Resolution power 0~99.99; 0.01μΩ
100.0~2999.9; 0.1μΩ
Test current fixed output of DC50A, 100A
Measurement accuracy ±(0.2%rd+2d)
Continuous working time 5s~599s       
Display mode 240×128 Chinese LCD
Communication mode RS232 serial port or USB (optional)
Working power supply AC220V±10% 50Hz
Power >500W 
Maximum storage record 200
Working environment temperature:-10℃~40℃; humidity:≤80%RH
Volume 313mm×270mm×235mm
Weight 7kg(No attachments)