ZC-300 Switch Dynamic Characteristic Tester

 Alternative Name 
    Switch Characteristic Tester, breaker tester, switch parameter tester , Circuit Breaker Analyzers and Timers

 Product Introduction 
High voltage circuit breaker is important control equipment in power system. The operation conditions and technical requirements of the high voltage circuit breaker in power grid are the most complex, and its operation reliability is not only related to the high voltage circuit breaker itself, but also affects the other equipment and the entire power grid. Therefore, for high voltage circuit breaker dynamic characteristics testing is a very important work, but the traditional method testing the action characteristics of high voltage circuit breaker when is a complex operation, test accuracy and other shortcomings, in order to solve these problems we develop ZC-300 high-voltage switch characteristic tester.
    2. ZC-300 high voltage switch dynamic characteristic test instrument. Based on high performance embedded platform, with high-speed data acquisition processing and analyzing ability, can withstand strong electromagnetic field (over 500 kV) interference, also with multi-channel high voltage switch dynamic characteristics analysis and test precision higher characteristic.
 According to different testing requirements of different switches, ZC-300 high voltage switch tester has a rich and perfect user defined function. Adjustable pressure switch tester built-in isolation type adjustable direct current power supply and the operation of the switch command, the test can be by enclosing a DC power supply directly control switch, closing and reclosing operation, with automatic or manual of operation voltage test function. High voltage switch tester can be used for various types of high-voltage switch related mechanical characteristics parameters (time, speed, the same period, travel, bounce, coil current, etc.) test and analysis of the characteristics.

 Product  Features 
    1. Large screen bright LCD graphic display, outdoor or indoor display clear, high speed thermal printer;
    2. Dialogue interface operation, users to grasp the use of test methods and instruments
    3. Integrated operation power supply, no need secondary power at the scene, the site use more convenient and quick;
    4. Automatic recognition of fracture opening and closing state, and according to the reference state corresponding to the fracture tip and operation;
    5. With the recording function, the corresponding time coordinates can display the fracture state waveform, the current waveform of the branch (closing) the current waveform of the brake coil, stroke time (S-t) curve, which is conducive to the accurate judgment of the fault of the switch mechanism;
    6. USB data interface, support data import and export, real-time data records to facilitate data management, storage, archiving and query;
    7.  Imported sensors, equipped with angle rotation, universal, sliding sensor, suitable for all domestic and international SF6, vacuum, low oil pressure switch mechanical characteristics test, measurement accuracy, high test accuracy;
    8. Designed with the switch of the test function of the switch, all kinds of test can be arbitrary, easy to do, sub -, and classification of parameters measurement;
    9. Internal anti interference circuit to meet the reliable use of 500kV substation, can ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, equipment can be stable and accurate tested;
    10. It is suitable for the test of SF6, vacuum, low oil high voltage switches and the action voltage in the home and abroad;
    11. Large screen  (320 * 240) LCD display, senior grey screen, in the sunlight no-reflective black, graphics and text and Chinese menu operation tips, user-friendly menu interface, easy to operate.
    12. Instrument has a powerful graphical analysis function, the realization of waveform and measurement data processing with the screen display, so that the test process is more intuitive.
    13. With time delay protection function, the circuit breaker can automatically cut off the coil voltage, which can protect the circuit breaker and the testing instrument.


 Technical Parameter 

Time Measurement Number of contact(s) to be measured at the same time ≤12
Measuring process setting time 0 to 6 seconds
Resolution 0.1ms
Error of time measuring ±1%
Stroke measurement Range Measurement <1000mm
Resolution 1mm
Error of stroke measuring ±1%
Speed Measuring Measuring Range 0-20m/s
Built-in Power Source Output voltage: 20V-230V error:1%