Portable voltage transformer analyzer

Portable voltage transformer analyzer

Type: PTA-2000
         Pta-2000 portable voltage transformer analyzer is also known as voltage transformer analyzer and voltage transformer tester. The portable voltage transformer analyzer is a special instrument for transformer testing in the power industry. The voltage transformer analyzer is mainly used to detect the excitation characteristics, transformer ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, etc.
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Product Features
     1. A single instrument can realize error testing of voltage transformer without resonance booster device, standard voltage transformer, load box, calibrator and other equipment, greatly reducing the workload of on-site calibration error.
     2. The test range is wide, and the test voltage level is 6kV~800kV electromagnetic voltage transformer.
     3. The standard voltage transformer of level 0.01 is adopted internally, and the low-voltage error of the transformer is tested by using the difference measurement method. The nonlinear error of PT at 50Hz is converted by using different frequency measurement technology, and the error of the transformer is finally obtained. The test level of the instrument can reach 0.05. During the test, the maximum test voltage is not more than 3kV, ensuring the safety of field test.
     4. The test wiring is simple, the operation is simple and easy to learn, and the transformer calibration can be easily completed according to the guiding instructions, which greatly improves the test efficiency. The test time is short, less than 5 minutes.
Working power supply Input voltage 185Vac~250Vac
Input voltage(allowable) 85Vac~264Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz
Frequency(allowable) 45Hz~65Hz
Input power 800VA
Connection Standard AC socket 60320
PT ratio
Ratio 1~350 0.03%(typical value)
Ratio 350~1100 0.05%(typical value)
Ratio>1100 0.07%(typical value)

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