ZC-810 Salt Density Tester


Product Introduction

This product special designed for salt density tests, system built-in insulator equivalence salt density formula, directly reading. Using rotating mouse, easy to operate, with micro-printer, convenient to store and compare test results. LCD display, all parameters and test results directly displayed. Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery, convenient for field tests.

Alternative Name

Salt density tester, intelligent salt density tester.

Product Features

1.Direct reading , the salt density of the insulator directly display.
2. Use imported platinum electrode, stable and reliable.
3. Wide measurement range, salt density measurement range: 0.0001mg/cm2~ 9.9999mg/cm2
4.With micro-printer, convenient to accurately and effectively record the test results. Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery, can display the quantity of the electricity. Convenient for field tests.
5. With temperature self-compensating function, the conductivity of the solution self-compensating it to the value under 20℃.
6. Test results in high precision, salt density resolution 0.0001.
7. The system with function of self-calibration, improves the measurement precision.
8. Use rotating mouse , easy to learn and operate, convenient to use.
9. Auto change the measurement range, improves the precision.
10. LCD display
11. The LCD with back light.
12. Can test the conductivity, temperature of the solution.

Product Parameters

1. Measurement range
Salt density:0.0001mg/cm2~ 9.9999mg/cm2 (take X-4.5 terminal as standard )
Temperature: 0℃~ 95℃ 
Conductivity: 0 ~ 100000μs/cm
2. Accuracy
Salt density: resolution :0.0001, full range accuracy better than±2%
Temperature: resolution :0.1, accuracy better than ±0.5℃ 
Conductivity: resolution is 1/1000 of the measurement range, full range accuracy better than ±0.5%
3. Display
A. LCD show the test results.
B. Printer output the test data.
C. Uploaded to computer by data wire to process.
4. Service conditions
Temperature: 0℃ ~ 50℃ 
Relative humidity: ≤80%
Power supply: AC220V ±10%
5. Dimension & weight
dimension :355mmx250mmx140mm
weight: 2.5kg