BY2571 Earth Resistance Tester


Product Introduction

The instrument applies to power industry, post and telecommunications, railway, communications, mining and other sectors to measure the grounding resistance of the various devices and the conductor resistance of low resistance; this instrument can also measure soil resistivity and ground voltage.

Alternative Name

Digital ground resistance tester, ground resistance tester

Product Features

1. High-strength aluminum alloy shell body, the circuit equipped with phase locked loop and switched capacitor filter, based on which the instrument play an effective role in shielding power frequency and radio frequency interference.
2. DC/AC converter can transform DC current into AC low-frequency constant current for the measurement.
3. Auxiliary grounding resistance can change in the range of 0 ~ 2KΩ (RC), 0 ~ 40KΩ (RP), that will not affect measurement results.
4. Without manual adjustment to zero, with three and a half bits LED display, the instrument can be used for measuring the grounding resistance, the conductor resistance of low resistance, soil resistivity and AC ground voltage.

Product Parameters

1. Operating Conditions
Temperature, 0 ℃ ~ +45 ℃ 
Relative humidity ≤ 85%
2. Measuring range and constant current value (virtual value)
Resistance, 0 ~ 2Ω (10mA), 2 ~ 20Ω (10mA), 20 ~ 200Ω (1mA)
Voltage, AC 0 ~ 20V
3. Measurement accuracy and resolution
Accuracy,0 ~ 0.2Ω ≤ ± 3% ± 1d
0.2Ω ~ 200Ω ≤ ± 1.5% ± 1d
1 ~ 20V ≤ ± 3% ± 1d
Resolution,0.001Ω, 0.01Ω, 0.1Ω, 0.01V
4. Measurement errors caused by auxiliary grounding resistance and ground voltage
Auxiliary grounding resistance RC (between C1 and C2)
0 ~ 2Ω, 2 ~ 20Ω ≤ 1KΩ
20 ~ 200Ω ≤ 2KΩ
RP (between P1 and P2) <40KΩ error ≤ ± 5%
Ground voltage (frequency virtual value) ≤ 5V error ≤ ± 5%
5. Power supply and power dissipation
Maximum power dissipation≤ 2W
DC 8 × 1.5V (AA, R6) Battery
AC 220V/50Hz
6. Dimensions and weight
Dimensions 220mm×200mm×105mm
Weight ≤ 1.4kg