ZC-ZGF Series DC High Voltage Tester


Product Introduction

This product adopts new technique , new material and new component with features of high output power, small volume, light weight, etc. And it is with the function of stable over-voltage ,over-current, zero position switching protection, 0.75 times voltage latch function , equipped with time relay, can set audio alarm when testing. The whole device is reliable , easy to operate and carry, especially applies to the power department field tests.

Alternative Name

high voltage generator, DC high voltage generator

Product Features

1. small ripple factor, stable and reliable voltage output, no noise.
2. with over-voltage, over-current, zero position protection functions, can set value of protection voltage
3. digital display, can read the data when power on, convenient to supervise output status.
4. with 0.75 times voltage conversion, convenient to test Zinc Oxide arrester.
5. compact structure, small volume, easy to carry.

Product Parameters

1. technique parameters
Indication accuracy of output voltage:< 1
Indication accuracy of output current:< 1
Ripple factor:≤0.5%
0.75 times output voltage indication accuracy:< 1,with latch function
2. service conditions
Relative humidity:less than 85% under 25℃, without moisture
working:discontinuously work for 30 minutes
temperature:- 10-40℃
altitude< 1500m