ZC-VLF Frequency AC Withstand Voltage Equipment


Product Introduction

This new equipment adopts cosine square wave as output power source, mainly apply to non-destructive insulating test of the PE/XLPE cable, is very advanced.

Alternative Name

Ultra-low Frequency HV generator, 0.1 Hz Ultra-low Frequency HV generator

Product Features

1.advanced technique: adopts digital inverter technology, microcomputer control, fully automated test
2. Easy to operate.
3. Full protection: multiple protection (over-voltage protection, over-current protection), prompt action (action time≤20ms), the device safe and reliable.
4. Safe and reliable: the controller connect with HV generator, photoelectric control, safe and reliable.
5. Adopts high and low voltage closed-loop negative feedback control circuit, output without capacitance-rised effect
6. Completely equipped : LCD, auto save and print data.
7. Wide measurement range: 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz and 0.02Hz multi-frequency selection.
8.Small in volume, light in weight: benefit to field tests

Product Parameters

1. The main parameters as shown in table 1.
table 1 main parameters for Ultra-low Frequency AC Withstand Voltage Equipment

2. Power supply: 220V±10%,50±5%Hz
Note: if use portable generator to supply power, the portable generator should be with stable output voltage and frequency (general requirements power >3kW, frequency: 50Hz, voltage: 220V±5%), otherwise need flanking measures to stabilize the output of the generator. 3. Output voltage accuracy:
instability of output peak voltage:≤1%
instability of output voltage frequency:≤3%
wave form aberration rate of output voltage:< 5%
4. Service conditions : temperature:-100C~+400C,humidity≤85%RH
5. Measurement range:
1) the capacitance of the measured equipment should be less than the rated maximum capacitance of the device, details see table 1.
2) if the capacitance of the measured equipment is too small, it will affect the output wave form. The device can not normally output if the capacitance< 0.05μF, now it is ok using our accessory equipment (selective)
3) the capacitance of staple electrical equipment as shown in table 2 and 3
Table 2 the single-phase earth capacitance of various generators