ZCVL Frequency Resonant Test System


Product Introduction

As the development of the electric system, the capacity of the equipment more and more larger, for example, the capacity of single machine of the thermoelectric generator group is more than 1000MW, the capacity of single machine of the hydroelectric generator group is more than 800MW, if use traditional equipment (frequency test transformer ) , need large capacity, test transformer, voltage regulator are very heavy, it is not convenient for field test. Serial resonant system is better than traditional equipment in power capacity, device weight, measured waveform and cost. It is special designed for the AC voltage withstand test for hydroelectric generator which its single machine capacity ≤250MW.
◆ resonant test device selected equipment reference scheme: 
A.Reference Scheme for Cable
B. Reference Scheme for Generator
C. Reference Scheme for Transformer Substation Electricity Equipment
D. Resonant Boost Device for CVT Test

Alternative Name

frequency resonant , serial resonant transformer.

Product Features

1.Because the resonant system is reactive power full compensated, the power of the equipment and power is only less than 1/10 of measured equipment; with smaller volume and lighter compared with the equipment in same capacity. The device with large output capacity and small power capacity, low cost, easy to operate and safe.
2. Serial resonant system actually is an current filter circuit, make the current which through it be fundamental current, the output voltage distortion (THD) is very small, better than all the AC voltage withstand equipments.
3. The short circuit current after flashover or breakdown is only less than 1/10 (1/Q) of the measured current, can effectively prevent the damage to fault point after breakdown.
4. Auto blowout the arc after flashover, it is a long and stable process to recover the serial resonant voltage, safe.

Product Parameters

Serial product and application: 

Note : make the solution according the measured equipment. reference table for capacitance of common hydroelectric generator: