ZCVF-C Variable Frequency Resonant Test System


Product Introduction

This device is special designed for AC voltage withstand test for 11kV/30MW hydroelectric generator. It is composed by frequency power source, excitation transformer, reactor, capacitance divider.
The advantages of serial resonant system:
1. Need smaller power capacity. The power of the serial resonant system generate high voltage and high current by resonant reactor and measured capacitance, in the whole system, power source only provides the power consumption part of the system, so the required power is only 1/Q of the measured capacity.
2. Lighter and smaller volume. Without the heavy power voltage regulating device and test transformer, and excited power is only 1/Q of the measured capacity. The weight and volume are only 1/10-1/30 of the common devices.
3. Improve the output voltage waveform. Resonant power source is resonant filter circuit, which can improve the output voltage waveform distortion, get better sin wave, effectively prevent the harmonic peak value breakdown the measured equipment .
4. Prevent the high current to burn out the fault point, for the serial resonant , the circuit will be dissonant as soon as the insulation weakness of the measured device was broken down, the loop current fast decrease to the 1/Q of the normal measured current. But for the parallel resonant or test transformer to do voltage withstand test, the breakdown current , these two compare, short circuit current and breakdown current different in hundreds times. So the serial resonant system can easily find out the insulation weakness, and do not worry about the heavy short circuit current burn out the fault point.
5. Without any recovery over-voltage. When the measured equipment was broken down, it lost the resonant conditions, high voltage immediately disappear, electric arc immediately burn out, and it is a long process to recover the voltage, easily to power off before it get to the flashover voltage another time, it is a long process, without any recovery over-voltage.
◆ resonant test device selected equipment reference scheme:
A.Reference Scheme for Cable
B. Reference Scheme for Generator
C. Reference Scheme for Transformer Substation Electricity Equipment
D. Resonant Boost Device for CVT Test

Alternative Name

frequency resonant , serial resonant transformer, generator resonance test system

Product Features

1.The device with over-voltage, over-current , system dissonant (flashover) protection functions.
2. Single machine light in weight, less than 40kg, convenient for field test.
3. With four working modes, convenient for customers to select , improve the measurement speed. Working mode: full automatically, manual control , auto tuning manual voltage boosting.
4. Can store and print the test results, convenient for customers to identify and review.
5. The scanning starting point can be set up randomly at rated range when the device auto scanning, the direction can be up or down, the LCD will show the scanning curve, convenient for customers to check if found the resonant point.
6. Adopts DSP platform technology, convenient to add or reduce the functions and upgrade according customers' requirements, make the man-machine interface be more humanization.

Product Parameters

Serial product and application: 

reference table for capacitance of common generator: