ZCVF-B AC Resonant Test System (for Cables)


Product Introduction

ZCVF-B AC Resonant Test System (for Cables) are composed of frequency/voltage adjustment power,exciting transformers, reactors, capacitive divider.The power frequency can be adjustable,which make the reactor and tested capacitor resonance.

Alternative Name


Product Features

1.Small size, light weight, portable design. 
2.Suitable for 35kV or below cables. 
3.Single parts not more than 30kg, easy to carry. 
4.220V or 380V single phase power supply,convenient for on-site power sourcing. 
5.Dry type epoxy cast for reactor,nice and reliable,suitable for various types of cables. 

Product Parameters

Rated output voltage: 0 - 66kV(effective value) or below.
Output frequency: 20 -300Hz.
Resonant voltage waveform: sine wave, THD ≤ 1%.
Full load working time: continuous working time 60mins.
Quality factor: max. load ≥ 20.
Frequency adjustment: fineness 0.1Hz, instability ≤ 0.01%.
Power supply: 220V or 380V single-phase.