ZCVF-A Resonant Test System For Substation Electrical Equipm


Product Introduction

Transformer, GIS, SF6 switch, CT/PT, insulator, bus bar, cable, bushing, and others capacitive devices are the common primary electric equipments. Composed by power control cabinet, excitation transformer, reactor, voltage divider, connect silicon rectifier stack and micro ammeter with the voltage divider, then can finish the DC voltage withstand test.
◆ resonant test device selected equipment reference scheme: 
A.Reference Scheme for Cable
B. Reference Scheme for Generator
C. Reference Scheme for Transformer Substation Electricity Equipment
D. Resonant Boost Device for CVT Test

Alternative Name

AC resonance withstand voltage test systems, frequency resonant , serial resonant transformer

Product Features

1.It with smaller volume, lighter weight compared with others reactors which in same voltage class and capacity. With small temperature rise under rated load; strong mechanical strength, good insulation performance, reliable.
2. The capacity of the power control cabinet is high; strong protection function; good output waveform; good stability; multi function, easy to operate; single phase 220V or three phase 380V are available.
3. Can match different kinds reactors, multifunctional, highly cost effective

Product Parameters

Rated Output Voltage: 0-1000KV
Output Frequency: 30-300Hz
Voltage Waveform: Sine wave, distortion ≤1.0%
Working Form: Full power continuous working time 60min
Quality Factor: 30-90
Frequency Adjustment Sensitivity: 0.1Hz
Instability: <0.05%
Power Supply: Single phase 220V or three phase 380V±10% , Frequency: 50Hz±5%
Serial product and application:

Note: can make the solution according the measured equipment.