ZC-510 Series Current Injection Test Set


Product Introduction

High current generator is essential equipment used for electrical debugging to generate high current, which be widely used in power plants, power distribution stations, electrical plants , scientific research, laboratories and other units. It is a short-term or intermittent work device and characterized by small size, light weight, good performance, easy use and maintenance.

Alternative Name

current generator, current amplifier, high current tester

Product Features

1.two ammeters, can supervise different measurement range.
2. auto transformer adjust freely.
3. with indicator lighting and button, easy to operate
4. incorporated and dividable structure, easy to move.

Product Parameters

The equipment capacity is designed based on 5-minute short-term work system. For intermittent work, working time should be less than 2.5 minutes, before continuing to work it should be shut down for 10 minutes so that all parts of the machine can cool down. Specifications and technical parameters as follows: