ZC-505 Insulating Boots (Gloves) Tester (Automatic)


Product Introduction

This equipment designed according the insulating boots (gloves) tests requirement and customers suggestions. It full-automatically boost (drop) voltage, read the leakage current of each tested equipment, print the results automatically, solved the problem of non-standard tests, simplify the testing process, fast the testing speed

Alternative Name

Insulating boots (Gloves) withstand voltage test equipment, protection test bed

Product Features speed, improve the efficiency.
2. Voltage withstand, HV leakage current directly read, auto identify the unqualified products, high intelligent.
3. Can test 3 pairs of boots at the same time, read the leakage current, correctly judge the unqualified boots.
4. The bottom with rollers , easy to move.

Product Parameters

1. Input voltage: AC 220V 50Hz
2. Output voltage: 0-30kV
3. Capacity:3kVA
4. Numbers: 6 for each test.
5. Measurement data: can display and print the voltage and leakage current for every measured boot.
6. Over-current protection, over-voltage protection; self set time, voltage , leak current value.
7. With LCD and printer.
8. Accuracy: voltage ±2%(±3 d)current ±2%(±3d)
9. Weight: operation cabinet: 12Kg
Test Bench: 60kg