ZCDW-5A Ground Network Earth Resistance Tester


Product Introduction

This device applies to test frequency ground resistance, contact voltage, pace voltage and earth electric resistivity. It adopts different frequency anti-jamming technique, can get the data under 50Hz in strong interference circumstance. The maximum measured current is 5A , which will not cause the electric potential of the grounding device too high, it with strong anti-interference ability at the mean time, so it does not need power off during the test .

Alternative Name

Substation ground resistance tester

Product Features

1.Good frequency equivalence. The measured current waveform is sine wave, the difference between frequency and power frequency is 5Hz, use 45Hz and 55Hz two frequency to test.
2. Strong anti-jamming ability, use different frequency method , assorted with modern hardware and software filtering techniques, make the device with strong anti-jamming ability, test results stable and reliable.
3. High precision, intrinsic error 0.005Ω, can test the ground network of small impedance.
4. Powerful . can test current pile, voltage pile, ground resistance, pace voltage, contact voltage.
5. Easy to operate, menu operated, directly display the test results.
6. Do not need high current wire.

Product Parameters

1. Impedance measurement range: 0~150Ω
2. Resolution : 0.001Ω
3. Measurement error: ±(reading×2%+0.005Ω)
4. Capacity of resisting disturbance (50Hz):10V
5. Measured current wave form: sine wave.
6. Measured current frequency: 45Hz、55Hz, double frequency.
7. Maximum output current: 5A
8. Maximum output voltage: 420V
9. Measured wire required value: Section surface of current wire copper core≥1.5 mm2
Section surface of voltage wire copper core≥1.0 mm2
10. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
11. Dimension: 440mmx350mmx210mm
12. Weight: 38kg