ZCDT-10A Ground Continuity Tester


Product Introduction

The electrical integrity of earthing device is the electrical connectivity among all kinds of electrical devices that should be grounded or the electrical connectivity between ground equipment all parts and devices, it is DC resistance value; it is also known as electrical conductivity. Ground down lead and earth mat of electrical equipment reliable and effective connection is the fundamental guarantee of instrument safety operation. Ground down lead is the connection part of electrical equipment and earth mat. In the long-term running, the connection part may be rusty even ruptured due to moisture and other factors, which will cause the resistance increases which at connection point of ground down lead and the main earth mat, and thus cannot meet the requirements of electrical power regulations and standard. It also cause the instrument hides danger in work, seriously even cause the instrument run in lost ground status. Underground ground electrode and its connection parts may rusty, and even ruptured. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly do the electrical integrity test of grounding devices.
Electric Power Industry Standard DL/T475-2006 "Earthing Device Characteristic Parameters Measurement Guide" provides that the electrical conductivity should use special instruments to measure. The instrument resolution is 1mΩ; accuracy is not less than 1.0 class. Based on this standard, our company designed this high degree of automation and portable tester. It is specially used to test the electrical integrity of earthing device; its technical specification has reached or exceeded the relevant standards. The instrument is characterized by simple operation, high accuracy, fast test speed, good reproducibility, and intuitive readings. It is an ideal special instrument that meets the requirements of regulations and standard.

Alternative Name

Ground Continuity Tester

Product Features

1.Power technology: For latest power supply technology, the instrument outputs 10A current and can continuously work for a long time which overcomes the weakness of instantaneous current produced by pulsed power. It can effectively puncture the oxide layer of the switches and then get precise results.
2. Strong anti-interference ability: The last number of test data will stably show in the LCD screen only with ±1 error even in strong Interference situation.
3. Long service life: All the precise resistances used in the instrument can reduce the temperature's impact on the measurement results and military connectors can enhance vibration resistance.
4. Simple operation: just pressing "test" key, you can get the measured result. The LCD backlight display is easy for reading and has good reproducibility.
5. Convenience: Small size, light weight, and easy to carry. Panels and chassis is an organic whole that having good shock resistance.

Product Parameters

1. Measurement Range: 1~1999μΩ
2. Resolution: 1μΩ
3. Test Current: DC 1A, 2A, 5A, 10A.Four fixed current input selections.
4. Measurement Accuracy: ±(0.5%+2d)
5. Measuring Radius: 50 m
6. Display: LCD backlight display
7. Work Mode: Continuous
8. Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz
9. Work Environment:
Temperature: -10℃~40℃ Humidity: ≤80 %RH
10. Dimension: 300mm×270mm×200mm
Weight: 5Kg(Accessories excluded)