ZC-402 Water-cooled Generator Insulation Tester


Product Introduction

If you want to check insulation performance of electrical equipment, the quick and easy method is to measure insulation resistance. HT2678 Water-cooled Generator Insulation Tester, designed by our company, equipped with integrated circuits, is characterized by novel principle, simple operation, high precision, strong shock resistance, good work stability, large output short-circuit current. In the field environment, its strong anti-interference ability can meet the test requirements of power plants. With timing, alarm and data storage functions, the instrument can be easily used to measure insulation resistance, absorptance, polarization index and other parameters.

 Alternative Name

generator insulation tester, water-cooled generator insulation tester

Product Features

1.English operation menu is easy for use.
2. The instrument can realized the automatic measurement of insulation resistance, the absorptance, polarization index and other parameters.
3. At 15 seconds and every minute interval reserve data, until the 10th minutes, and automatic timing.
4. The instrument can store 10 sets measurement data. It is convenient to analyze and archive at any time.
5. Perfect function: having test, storage, alarm, and browse function.
6. Automatically discharge after testing.
7. Big output short-circuits current, strong anti-interference ability.

Product Parameters

1. Measuring range: 5 MΩ~10000 MΩ
2. Resolution: Minimum 0.1 MΩ
3. Precision: ±(10% ±2d)
4. Test voltage: 2.5kV
5. Output short-circuit current: ≥3mA
6. Display: dot matrix LCD display
7. Power supply: AC220V
8. Operating conditions
Temperature: 0℃~40℃
Relative humidity: < 90%, no condensation.