ZC-401B Generator Rotor AC Impedance Tester


Product Introduction

ZC-401B Generator Rotor AC Impedance Tester is the newly developed enhanced impedance tester on the basis of improving and perfecting the old model product. The instrument has three new functions: equipped with rotating mouse to achieve easier operation; display and print AC impedance characteristic curves; achieve data download and editing the test report with PC online. This instrument adopts the most advanced high-speed microprocessor with more powerful function and better performance. It is well established for its high reliability, simple operations, high accuracy and lightweight. Currently the instrument is in leading position in china.

Alternative Name

Generator Rotor AC Impedance Tester

Product Features

1.Using the latest high-speed synchronizing measuring technology, the instrument can automatically collect, measure, display, store and print all measuring parameters and impedance characteristics curves (voltage, current, impedance, power, frequency, equipment number, time, curve, etc).
2. The instrument with over large range can automatically and manually measure AC impedance and characteristic curve for all generate rotors.
3. Using the "one-key Shuttle" (the rotating mouse) without any keys make the operating more convenient.
4. The instrument is equipped with internal large capacity memory that can store 6400 group test data. All data can upload to PC via the standard industrial communication interfaces (RS232). Using the software developed by our company you can download data, generate and edit the typical test report, and it is also helpful in technology management and document storage.
5. The instrument with perfect over-voltage and over-current protection function, and over-voltage/over-current value will automatically adjust based on the setting test parameters, which can ensure simple operation and the safety of equipments.
6. The instrument can also be used for testing single-phase transformer no-load/short-circuit and voltage characteristics of voltage (current) transformers.
7. Imported high-light large blue LCD, full Chinese menu interface, and the rotating mouse, which make the operation easy and convenient and can real-time display test data and curves and automatically scale Curvilinear coordinates for clear view.
8. With micro-printer, the instruments can real-time print AC impedance test reports and AC impedance characteristics curve.

Product Parameters

1. AC impedance: 0~99.999Ω 0.2 class
2. AC voltage: 0~600V 0.2 class
3. AC current: 0~120A 0.2 class
4. Active power: 0~72KW 0.2 class
5. Frequency: 45~75HZ 0.2 class
6. Power supply: 220V±10% 50HZ
7. Dimension: 415mm×225mm×200mm
8. Weight: 5 kg