ZC-611 HV CT Ratio Tester


Product Introduction

ZC-611 HV CT Ratio Tester can test the HV primary current, LV secondary circuit of the HV measuring equipments (35 KV or less than 35 KV system) without disassembling the wire or power off, and calculate the ratio.

Alternative Name

CT ratio tester, CT ratio polarity tester, HV transformer ratio tester

Product Features

1.LCD, small in volume, light in weight.
2. Adopts advanced electronic technology and high-speed digital processor.
3. Hand-held terminal and clamp meter use high performance lithium battery as power supply, can work for 8 hours charged for one time.
4. The current signal of the HV clamp meter adopts wireless transmission, ensure the safety.

Product Parameters

1. Clamp meters information barrier-free transmission distance: 100M
2. High voltage current: Clamp meters input 0~200A
3. Low voltage current: Clamp transformer input 0~5A
4. Measurement accuracy
(1) High voltage current: 1.0%
(2) Low voltage current: 0.5%
(3) Ratio :1.0%
5. Ratio measurement range: 1~300
6. Operating temperature: -10℃~50℃
7. Power consumption: HV clamp meters: 0.5w, host: 1w
8. Preheating time: 0.5 minute
9. Voltage withstand:70000V/1 minute