ZC-610B Handheld Three-phase Meter


Product Introduction

ZC-610B Handheld Three-phase Meter is high accuracy, high stability, low power consumption, easy to use. Can test the three-phase AC voltage, current , phase between voltage, phase between current, phase between voltage& current, frequency, phase, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, vector sum when the measurement circuit is not opened. It can also indentify the transformer wiring group, inductive circuit, capacitive circuit, test the secondary circuit and bus bar protection system, read the phase relations of each CT of the differential protection system, check if the ammeter is wiring correctly, check the circuit and equipment. This device applies to electric power, petrochemical corporation, metallurgy, railway, industrial and mining enterprises, research institutions, metrology department, etc, especially applies to power quantity measurement system and relay protection system.

Alternative Name

phase meter, three-phase meter

Product Features

1. Equipped with shock-proof, skid-proof, high insulating protective jacket.
2. Uses 240×160 LCD, dynamic display, vector diagram indicates, easy to read.
3. There are two models current clamp, the cuspate & small ones apply to positions of wire-intensive, the round & big ones apply to test the heavy gage wires.
4. High precision, high stability, low power consumption.
5. Safe, accurate, convenient.

Product Parameters

Note: phase error ±3° under working (phase error ±5° if current amplitude under 10mA).