ZC-710B 3H Zinc Oxide Arrester Characteristics Tester


Product Introduction

ZC-710B 3H Zinc Oxide Arrester Characteristics Tester applies to test the MOA leakage current, analyzes the MOA aging and moisture extent. Accords with the requirement of Electric power industry standard of PRC: DL474.5-92 direction for insulating test on-site-lighting arrester test. It can do the delivery test and acceptance test of the laboratory.

Alternative Name

Arrester tester, zinc oxide arrester characteristics tester

Product Features

1.With LCD , menu operation.
 2. High precision to sample, process circuit, advanced Fourier harmonic analysis technology, ensure the accuracy of the data.
3. There is 0.1A fuse at the voltage input port, with isolated transformer inside of the device which isolate the device from on-site PT, dual protection ensure the safety.
4. With resistive current fundamental wave peak value output , edge correction and other functions.
5. With rechargeable battery, clock, micro printer, can store 210 groups data.
6. Equipped with RS232 communication interface, can upload the date to computer . 4. incorporated and dividable structure, easy to move.

Product Parameters

1. Reference voltage input range (peak value): 10V-400V
2. Full leakage current measurement range(peak value): 100uA-10mA
3. Resistive current measurement range(peak value): 0-10mA
4. Capacitive current measurement range(peak value): 0-10mA
5. Angle measurement range: 0°- 360°
6. Power consumption: 4W
7. Accuracy:±(reading×5% +5d)(harmonic save current < 2mA)
8. AC power supply: AC 220V ±10%, 50Hz ±1%