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Type: CTA-1000
         The modified CT analyzer is an inverter-type transformer on-site inspection instrument. Wuhan Zhuo measurement and control technology in traditional voltage regulator-based, supercharged, improved volt-ampere characteristic variables of inverter transformers based on comprehensive polarity test instruments, widely listened to users Opinions, after extensive market research, theoretical research in-depth research and development of a new generation of innovative types of CT, PT test instruments.
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Product Features
     1.The modified CT analyzer is fully functional and meets the excitation characteristics of various current transformers (eg protection, metering, TP) (eg voltage-ampere characteristics), ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, secondary load, Difference comparison and angle test requirements, and can be used for various PT electromagnetic unit excitation characteristics, strain ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance and comparison test.
     2. the current transformer without the standard current transformer, inverter, load cases, regulating control box and high-current conductor, using a very simple test wiring and realization of current transformer test operation, greatly reduce the working intensity and improves the work efficiency, convenient to carry out the transformer on-site verification work.
     3.The modified CT analyzer can accurately measure the variation ratio and angular difference. The maximum allowable error is ±0.05%, and the maximum allowable error is ±2min. It can be used for the measurement of 0.2S class current transformers, and the measurement range is from 1 to 40000.
     4. Based on the advanced frequency conversion method, the CT/PT volt-ampere characteristic curve and the 10% error curve are tested to output the maximum ac voltage of 180V and the ac current of 12Arms(peak of 36A), but can cope with the CT test with the inflection point as high as 60KV.
Type CTA-1000C
Usage CT,PT
Reference standards GB1207-2006, GB1208-2006, GB16847-1997 
IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6, IEC61869-2-2012
Output 0~180Vrms,12Arms,36A(peak value)
Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.1%
CT Ratio Range 1~40000
accuracy ±0.05%
PT Ratio Range 1~40000
accuracy ±0.05%
Phase Range ±2min
accuracy 0.5min

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