Type: CTA-1000
      The CT Test Analyzer is an automatic determination of all relevant current transformer values and compares the results to selected standards. When you press the button, the device can evaluate the current transformer in a few seconds according to IEC, IEEE or national/custom criteria.
      It can help to quickly and economically test and calibrate metering and protection current transformers. Current transformers, high voltage transformers and switchgear manufacturers are also testing with CT analyzers during development and production.
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Product Features
     1.comprehensive functions, satisfy all kinds of CT (such as: protection, metering, TP) excitation characteristics (i.e., volt-ampere characteristics), variable ratio, polarity, the secondary winding resistance, secondary load, poor contrast and the Angle of test requirements, and can be used for all kinds of PT electromagnetic unit excitation characteristics, strain ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance and contrast test.
      2.the current transformer without the standard current transformer, inverter, load cases, regulating control box and high-current conductor, using a very simple test wiring and realization of current transformer test operation, greatly reduce the working intensity and improves the work efficiency, convenient to carry out the transformer on-site verification work.
     3.The variable ratio difference and Angle difference can be accurately measured, with the maximum permissible error of ratio difference ±0.05% and the maximum permissible error of Angle difference ±2min. It can be used to measure the current transformer of grade 0.2S, with the measurement range of variable ratio from 1 to 40,000.
     4.The test is simple and convenient. The direct resistance, excitation, ratio change and polarity tests of CT are completed with one key.
CT Ratio Range 1~40000
accuracy ±0.05%
PT Ratio Range 1~40000
accuracy ±0.05%
Phase Range ±2min
accuracy 0.5min
DC resistance Range 0~300Ω
accuracy 0.2%±2mΩ

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